Artistic Endeavors Management is an exclusive talent management company specializing in management and production for actors, writers and directors.

Helping creatives to achieve success and protect their professional interests.

At Artistic Endeavors, we are very dedicated in guiding talent in every aspect of the entertainment industry from getting headshots, referral to agents and coaches, to appearances on set, red carpets and everything in between. We work very closely with some of the top agencies, casting directors, studios and networks in the industry.


We strongly believe in education and paying it forward and encourage our clients to continue their education and be involved in charity work and in giving actively back to their communities.


the team

Annet McCroskey
Chelsea Streano




Mailing address:


Artistic Endeavors

Manhattan Beach Studios Lot (MBS)

1600 Rosecrans Ave

Media Center, 4th Floor 

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Office 310-321-7819



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